Coming Together Through Creativity #isolationchair

We had a bit of fun this week making miniature chairs from any bits and pieces we could get our hands on. Join the challenge.

The #isolationchair challenge is connecting creatives from all over the globe. Spanish designer Max Enrich started the trend on his Instagram while isolating in Barcelona. Fueled by boredom and the desire to keep creating, Enrich used the materials he could source around him to create miniatures of one his favourite objects, chairs.

What started as a challenge between friends, now sees #isolationchairs popping up all over the globe.

It’s become a story of togetherness, resourcefulness and creativity. We posed the challenge to the Harrows team, who are also currently working from home, locked-down in isolation. It’s been an incredibly fun and inspiring exercise watching the team embrace the challenge and unleash their inner designer.

Contributions flowed freely from across the entire team. Materials of choice included chocolate, mushrooms, pretzels, toothpicks, cork and even plumbing insulation. It featured as a highlight of our morning video conference to share our creations, creating a real feeling of connectivity with each other and an even wider audience from around the world.

My Favourites