Browne St..

A cohesive Avondale cafe with an industrial edge

Combining Avondale heritage with a modern fit-out, the multipurpose Browne St. café is nothing pretentious, but it can’t help but garner attention.

While it’s bustling café serves up imaginative local favourites, the upstairs transforms at night to become a servery and bar to the venue’s function room. Harrows was delighting to be called upon to help build a space with a traditional, yet industrial edge.

A cohesive fit-out was achieved by using solid Ash tops finished in a Carbon stain and mounted on a Crucifix Base. Astro Stools were also stained Carbon to match, and Fero Leaners were reimagined with a matt lacquer finish and Tactus top. In the space above, Pi Tables and Leaners helped create an atmosphere that was not too casual, nor too sophisticated.

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  • Let's Make It. Personal.
  • Make a statement with solid timber 'Pi' tables and leaners
  • Maximise space with the use of Astro Stools with a compact footprint
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