Cirtex Industries.

An crisp, modern office cafeteria providing a space for staff to connect and recharge

Cirtex Industries boasts an open plan office with seamless flow, encouraging creativity between staff. Acknowledging the fact employees need a space for relaxation and individual recharge, design group Focusplan enlisted Harrows to help turn their cafeteria into a space respecting both these needs.

At one end of the cafeteria is a leaner paired with bar stools, where a group can gather for casual dining or discussion. At the other end, Pause lounges from the Pause Seating System are arranged back to back to create semi-enclosed spaces for private dining or relaxation. The overall design needed to incorporate excellent acoustic qualities due to the multitask environment, so screens were added to the lounges to block out additional noise.

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  • Let's Make It. Comfortable
  • Crisp natural palette with bright pops of colour
  • Velvet fabric adding warm texture to a corporate environment
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