Danny Doolan's.

Danny’s is everyone’s favourite spot after a night out in the Viaduct.

With the revamp Burning Red Design’s aim was to give Danny’s a new lease of life, a re-fresh as it was feeling tired and old.

“We wanted to create a sense of welcome for all ages and walks of life but also didn’t want to take away any the elements and feel that Danny’s has always had”.

The aim was to gain a gathering of new customers and enhance the lunch and early dinner crowd for the authentic Irish pub offering.

This was achieved this by making sure the spaces felt inviting, cosy and comfortable – all important qualities of a genuine Irish pub.

It’s still the Danny’s everyone loves but with a new lease of life so that everyone can keep enjoying this amazing venue for years to come.

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  • Let's make it. Traditional.
  • Classic gastropub furniture with distinctive finishing.
  • Solid timber to handle all the good times of an Irish pub.
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