Glamp Grounds

Channeling the spirit of adventure

Boasted as New Zealand’s first recreational park meets hospitality hub, the Glamp Grounds is Joylab’s latest major addition to the food and drink offerings in the Auckland International Airport.

Harrows had the pleasure of working alongside Ctrl Space to create a uniquely kiwi bach experience with a festive atmosphere worth talking about. This was achieved by using bright pops of colour on the hard-wearing Bower Chairs and Stools, as well as the Plate Bases that supported both HPL and American Ash tops.

To really bring out the space’s recreational character, bespoke stools were supplied, as well as custom tables with integrated seating.

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  • Let's Make It. Personal.
  • A warm and vibrant atmosphere created through customised furniture
  • Cohesive colour combination of slatted stools and chairs
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