A funky, nostalgic cafe using colour to direct customer flow

After a successful collaboration, the owners and designers of¬†Flour Mill¬†approached Harrows with another concept. Boasting a retro aesthetic, Lola’s aim is to draw people in through nostalgia and a vibrant charm. Ctrl Space was behind the funky design of West Auckland Cafe, Lola’s.

Highly saturated colours create a Wes Anderson-esque ambience, speaking of a different time and era. Solid timber Cleo Chairs were stained in bold primary shades. By staining the chairs, the colour seeps into the wood itself instead of sitting on its surface, which leaves it subject to chipping and wearing. By supplying product that meets the design brief without sacrificing durability and quality, Harrows is able to ensure yet another successful fit out for Ctrl Space.

Relief Banquettes, upholstered in bright shades of yellow and blue, direct customer flow and create zones through colour.

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  • Cleo Chairs are stained to enhance their durability
  • Banquettes are used to direct customer flow and soften acoustics
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