New York Grill.

A fine dining steakhouse with a classic Americana vibe

In Westfield Newmarket’s rooftop precinct sits New York Grill. The space was designed by Ctrl Space,¬†who channelled the essence of a traditional New York steakhouse with a fine dining flavour. This is a restaurant that is expertly crafted to convince its clients that they are indeed dining in the USA.

To execute this vision, Harrows supplied solid timber tables in dark, rich stains to compliment and reflect the moody vibe. The tops reflect the tones of the leather-upholstered seating, curved deep-buttoned banquettes and warm pendulum lighting.

It’s rooftop location and the fact that the dining precinct was open for business at the time of install meant Harrows was under a lot of pressure to deliver on time and with strict guidelines. Close communication and collaboration between teams meant a smooth install was achieved, with stunning results.

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  • Let's Make It. Enduring.
  • Timber tops in rich stains compliment the moody vibe
  • Weather resistant compact laminate tops for the outdoors
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