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At Harrows we believe in sustainability and responsible manufacturing.
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Latest technology and time-honoured craftsmanship.

At Harrows we believe in sustainability and responsible manufacturing.

Latest technology and time-honoured craft go hand in hand to create products that bring people together and are designed with longevity in mind, extending the useful life and in turn reducing waste.

We see sustainability as an ever-evolving challenge. We are constantly innovating to reduce waste and minimize our impact on the world around us.

Harrows Sustainability

Sustainable Design.

When the objects around us are inclined to lose value, Harrows have set out to create beautiful and sustainable products that add value to their environment for years to come. Products with social relevance and timeless design principals, made from quality materials and built to last.

Bio-based Focus.

Harrows products are largely constructed from bio-based materials, and we focus on making sustainable choices and looking for sustainable alternatives. The timber used in our manufacturing is sourced from certified sustainably managed forests.

New Zealand Made.

Wherever possible we product our furniture in our own factory in Timaru, to minimise both international and local freight volumes. Manufacturing inhouse also gives us full control and transparency over the quality and origin of all materials.


We believe in circularity. Alongside our passion for making beautiful products designed to last, we acknowledge that requirements for interior spaces will change and evolve over time, as will their furniture needs. With majority of our range being manufactured or finished onsite, these can be refurbished, initiating a fresh lifecycle for the product with minimal waste.

Reducing Consumption and Waste.

Our consumption and waste reduction initiatives include freighting in kitset where ever possible to reduce freight miles, recycling that improve the efficiency of material consumption.

Responsible Forestry – FSC®

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife who call them home. Our forests give us many things like books, tissues, furniture and so much more. FSC® helps you keep your life full of forest products while keeping our forests full of life.

For timber that keeps our forests strong, choose FSC®.

Browse our FSC® certified products.
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