The Low Down on Leather: What Type to Choose?

The use of leather in an interior space creates a sense of luxe opulence and timeless style. It’s a quality natural material that can be applied in so many ways to add character to an interior space.

Leather emits individuality, sophistication and old world charm, and is incredibly versatile, durable and hard wearing; leather can be used for so much more than seating; use it to cover entire interior spaces such as stairs, walls, doors, blinds and floors, or as an opulent finishing touches on bespoke furnishings.

There’s are a range of leather options to choose from depending on your look, budget and aesthetic not to mention colours, patterns and shades. But it’s a lot to think about, right? Let us break it down for you. In their simplest forms there are only a few key elements to take into account when making the right leather choice for you:

Aniline Leathers have the most natural look as the hides have minimal amount of protective finishes applied, they are designed to let the beauty of the hide shine through.  This means they are prone to marking, show all the marks and scars of the original beast, and will also fade over time.  This is the individual beauty of Aniline leathers, and means that over time, they will age and develop a gorgeous patina that says “I have lived a life, and I have stories to tell!”

Semi-Anilines  have a small amount of colour (pigmentation) and protective finishing added to the hide in order to create some protection to it surface, whilst still allowing some of the natural characteristics of the hide to show through.  This extra finish means that your leather is more likely to hold up to wear and tear and keep the integrity of its finish while still having the recognisable feel and individuality of leather.

Corrected Grain when it comes to longevity of colour, and serviceability, corrected grain leathers are a popular choice. The surface of the hide has been buffed, pigmented, embossed and a protective coating added, meaning these leathers are known for colour stability, and can easily handle most of what comes their way.

Whatever way you choose to go, leather in any one of its many guises will provide you with an enduring product built to last.

Harrows have our own specialist upholstery team onsite meaning you can specify any material for any furniture piece. We’re happy to work with any leather or fabric supplier, but a special thanks to our friends at Lapco Leather for helping us with this info.

Find out how to care for your leather.
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