How to Care for your Leather

Leather is a beautiful natural product that benefits from general care from time to time, to help maintain its stunning good looks.

To show your leather some love we suggest a general care regimen to keep your leather in the best possible condition for years to come:

  • Regularly dust and vacuum your leather, and if needed, give it the once over with a clean, white, damp cloth.  Don’t use general cleaning products which can stain and mark the leather – keep it natural – a small amount of water is best!
  • Pay particular attention to the high usage areas of your furniture – head rests, arm pads and cushions, and don’t forget deep creases.
  • When it comes to sunlight, while we all love it, it’s incredibly damaging for leather. If at all possible avoid high UV situations to help minimise fading, cracking and drying. If your couch is positioned in a sunny spot in the lounge, maybe invest in some sheers or blinds to help protect the leather on those hot summer days, or simply throw a rug over it as a protective cover.
  • When it comes to leather care products, just like all skin care, there are many different options out there, so we suggest you consult a leather care specialist and follow all instructions on your particular choice of leather product to avoid any adverse effects. We advise you trial your product in a discreet area before any full application is undertaken.

Harrows have our own specialist upholstery team onsite meaning you can specify any material for any furniture piece. We’re happy to work with any leather or fabric supplier, but a special thanks to our friends at Lapco Leather for helping us with this info.


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