5 Nov 2017
Creating zones within your hospo venue

Its time to get smart about the way you create zones around your venue.

Whether you specialise in one type of service or run breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, an easy way to cater to the different needs of your customer base is through zoning with furniture

Check out these simple ideas as a starting point: 

Height – walking in to a room of pieces at table height can say “dining and food”, while a room at leaner height suggest “drinking and snacking”. Find the right mix for your establishment and create logical zones around your coffee machine or beer taps.   

Size – Beer-hall tables are on the up and help create zones that say family, fun, and lively large groups. While this can be achieved through pushing smaller tables together, consider if a feature zone for larger groups and communal dining is viable in your space to welcome these groups. 

Colour – an easy way to differentiate an area is through different colours with stains or paint finishes, especially for groupings of chairs. 

Upholstery – the addition of a seat pad or fully upholstered chair changes the perception of area, and the experience you might have while in it. Think about mixing fully upholstered chairs for the stayers, some without for the casual diner. The inclusion of a seat pad can help to upscale an area.

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