Oceania Workplace Interior Harrows
Oceania Workplace Interior Harrows


Considering an office renovation or looking for new workplace furniture? The workplace is where individuals unite, bringing out their best selves. It's a place of collaboration, growth, and fulfilment.

95% of employees think that a well-designed office makes them happier and more productive.

It’s time for workplace design to rise to the occasion. In today’s dynamic work environment, employees are increasingly seeking collaboration and productivity.

By focusing on creating environments that offer engaging experiences, businesses can elevate the effectiveness of their offices and transform them into places employees naturally gravitate toward.

This means providing spaces that cultivate a sense of belonging and purpose and offering diverse work areas tailored to various needs, from collaborative hubs to spaces for personal reflection and recharging.

Vector Stack Staff Cafeteria Fitout
Oceania Workplace Interior Harrows
Oceania Workplace Interior Harrows
Vector Stack Staff Cafeteria Fitout
Does your workplace cultivate a sense of community?

“No one cares about the efficiency of layouts and productivity anymore. It is all about belonging.”

Kirsti Simpson, Principal, Brisbane Studio Chair, Global Sector Lead – Workplace Interiors, Woods Bagots.

According to a 2023 Gensler Global Workplace Study, office workers spend 42% of their time working with others, and only 35% of their time working alone. Designing an office well has the power to inspire connection and engagement.

Oceania Workplace Interior Harrows
Challenges getting the team into the office?

The single biggest driver for employees to return to the office is to collaborate and learn.*

Transform your workplace design to ensure every task and function finds its ideal space with flexible furniture and spaces that adapt to diverse work activities, fostering enhanced productivity and job satisfaction.

*Cisco, Workplace Survey Asia Pacific November 2023.

Oceania Workplace Interior Harrows
Need to increase productivity and creativity?

64 percent of employees feel their work environments don’t empower them to perform at their best.*

Elevate productivity and usher in transformative improvements by providing designated collaborative workspaces. Break free from limitations as your team embraces innovative thinking, leading to enhanced efficiency and groundbreaking ideas.

*Cisco, Workplace Survey Asia Pacific November 2023.

Partners Life Unispace Impart
Partners Life Unispace Impart
Get more done.

By working together, we can create spaces for meaningful connections that not only enhance productivity but also enrich your organisational culture and fuel creativity. Let’s collaborate to cultivate a workplace design where every interaction drives towards your future goals, fosters a vibrant culture, and sparks innovation.

On average, we spend one-third of our lives at work. Make it more meaningful.

As humans, we naturally crave connection with others. We come together for all sorts of reasons, drawn to places that make us feel good. The spaces within our workplace are no exception.

Cultivate a sense of community and collaboration – inspire genuine interaction. Imagine how the right furniture could act as a catalyst for authentic connections, fostering improved work methods, heightened productivity, and improved business outcomes.

Our workplaces not only influence our productivity but also significantly impact our overall well-being and mental health, emphasising the importance of workplace design that can support both professional excellence and personal performance.

Terete Floorplan Render Collaborative Highlight
Terete Floorplan Render Collaborative Highlight
Crafted for connection.

Creating zones of connection: The key to thriving workplaces.

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern work environments, the key to fostering creativity, innovation, and teamwork lies in creating spaces that facilitate connection among employees.

Browse workplace products

Productivity and focus start with workspace design. Explore Harrows’s range of New Zealand-made furnishings built to promote concentration and creativity in work environments, increasing business performance. Utilise open office space efficiently and create temporary distinct areas within the layout with zoning and partitioning furniture, which block acoustics for a focused workspace.

Increase collaboration and employee engagement with communal furniture designed to give staff more flexibility in their workspace. View our office pods and meeting booths, which present a convenient and contained area for employees to socialise or work together. Or discover our meeting tables, the centre of engagement for an active discussion in the workforce. Our options can be upholstered or stained in different fabrics and colours to match your brand image.

Our values are focused on sustainability – explore chairs and worksurfaces for exquisite options made from inherently sustainable solid timber or certified by FSC®.

Oceania Workplace Interior Harrows
Workplace design with Harrows

Build your company culture with professional furniture from Harrows.

Functionality with style

You don’t want to design spaces that only work well – you want to design spaces that look beautiful, too. With Harrows, you can achieve it all. Explore elegant products that stay on top of current trends while using high-quality materials, ultimately creating a timeless workplace design.

Our wide range of products and potential for personalisation means that we can support any organisation with its office spaces, breakout areas, and meeting locations. And with short project lead times thanks to local New Zealand manufacturing, designing places for the workforce is easier than ever.

Oceania Workplace Interior Harrows
Built for your space

Harrows’ furniture is crafted for work and collaborative spaces. Our furniture can be stained with a wide variety of finishes and upholstered in many different fabrics, allowing vast possibilities for workplaces and reflecting brand images and colours. Every piece is designed here in New Zealand by family-owned third generation furniture makers.

With the expertise and technologies of our in-house teams, our workshop can handle laminating, machining, engineering, fitting, assembly, powder coating, polishing, painting, and upholstery. This onsite knowledge of designing and building means we can achieve an excellent end result that benefits our clients.

Design a flexible, focused, and collaborative space that can engage employees with care for sustainability and safety. Contact the team at Harrows to find out how our furniture will work for your next project.

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