Studio Dental S Devitt Semi Creative
Studio Dental S Devitt Semi Creative

Wellness + Healthcare

Looking for more options in healthcare furniture? When it comes to wellness, the importance of nurturing connections and creating a comforting, home-like atmosphere cannot be overstated.

It's more than treatment; it's where emotional well-being is fostered and personal connections are strengthened.

It’s time for healthcare and wellness design to rise to the occasion. In today’s evolving landscape, patients and clients are increasingly seeking environments that promote healing and holistic well-being.

By focusing on creating spaces that offer comforting and engaging experiences, healthcare providers can enhance the effectiveness of their facilities and transform them into places where individuals can relax and feel connected.

This means providing environments that foster a sense of security and care, offering diverse areas tailored to various needs, from communal spaces for social interaction to quiet zones for personal reflection and rejuvenation.

The Botanic Space Studio
Tend Health
The Botanic Space Studio
Embracing every moment.

Embrace the warmth of connection in every corner of care. Harrows offers furniture made for all wellness and healthcare spaces.

From the reception of a yoga centre to a dental consultation room, our contemporary designs neatly match any modern interior, allowing individuals to sit, relax, and form valuable connections in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

In healthcare, design matters.

25%-35% of patients’ overall satisfaction with a healthcare experience is influenced by the design and decor of a facility.*

Harrows furniture is crafted to enhance comfort, ensuring every individual guest or patient feels supported and cared for throughout their journey to wellness.

*Jacobs, 2016

Tend Health
Designing wellness - comfort meets care.

At the heart of every health and wellness facility lies the need for spaces that nurture both body and mind.

By integrating thoughtful interior design and furniture, we help you create environments that offer the comfort of home alongside top-tier care, fostering healing and well-being for all who enter.

Studio Dental S Devitt Semi Creative
Studio Dental S Devitt Semi Creative
Where care feels like home.

Design spaces that foster meaningful connections, enhancing both comfort and emotional well-being. Let's collaborate to create environments that support a healing culture and promote overall wellness. Together, we can make every space a sanctuary that feels like home.

We spend a significant part of our lives seeking wellness. Make it truly restorative.

In our journey toward health, the spaces we inhabit play a pivotal role. Wellness centres and medical facilities don’t need to be cold and sterile.

Imagine wellness spaces where the comfortable furniture is designed to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit instead. Make clients feel welcomed with the familiar, homely feeling of real, rich timber and plush upholstery. The immense benefits of quality NZ-made furniture await.

Studio Dental S Devitt Semi Creative
Studio Dental S Devitt Semi Creative
Crafted for connection.

From the welcoming embrace of reception areas to the intimate atmosphere of consult rooms, every corner of healthcare and aged care facilities is an opportunity for patients, families, and healthcare professionals to connect. Let our excellent furniture collection be your medium for fostering meaningful bonds.


Browse wellness + healthcare products

At Harrows, we recognise the significance of fostering connections and promoting wellness in healthcare and aged care settings. Our range of meticulously crafted furniture is tailored to enhance the living experience for residents and patients alike, while also supporting the vital work of healthcare professionals.

Browse our collection of cosy lounge chairs, which provide a snug place for groups to sit and relax, or our other soft seating options, which ensure comfort and security for those waiting in lobbies and reception rooms. These pieces of furniture can be upholstered in almost any colour, giving you the flexibility to design personalised spaces that bring a welcoming atmosphere to your wellness space.

Find an assortment of pedestals and community tables to match your seating. Create an inviting, cohesive space that makes patients and clients feel at ease and connected. Our New Zealand-made furniture embraces sustainability with locally sourced fabrics and FSC-certified timber. From soft wool sofas to sturdy wooden tables, each piece is crafted to transform your environment into a haven of comfort.

We believe in the transformative power of thoughtful design to enhance the quality of life for individuals in healthcare and aged care settings. Let patients and residents have the best experience possible. Browse our collection and discover exquisite pieces from Harrows today.

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Wellness furniture from Harrows

Create a comfortable space without sacrificing beauty with our wellness and healthcare furniture.

Made for stress-free relaxation

A wellness space should be navigable, clean, and fitted with comfortable, cosy furniture. At Harrows, we provide for wellness and healthcare areas of all kinds with our extensive collection of seating, tables, and accessories. Browse our wide range of products to find the perfect addition to your studio or wellness centre.

Discover beautiful, high-quality materials and meticulous design. Experience the natural warmth of genuine timber, and pick your own choice of fabric from our in-depth catalogue – with upholstery available in almost any colour, your furniture can truly be personalised to your business.

Specialists in design

As family-owned third generation furniture makers, we’re experts in designing beautiful furnishings fit for New Zealand environments. Our furniture fills the interiors of wellness centres, medical facilities, and aged care spaces, allowing individuals to relax in comfort and beauty.

Harrows furniture is primarily manufactured in Timaru, hand-built and assembled by an excellent in-house team. Our workshop handles laminating, machining, polishing, painting, and upholstery. Thanks to this local production, designing a room with beautiful, customised furniture is quicker and easier than ever before.

With quality design, NZ production, and swift installation, Harrows can help you turn any space into a sanctuary that feels like home. Contact our specialist team today to learn more about how our furniture can work for your wellness area.

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