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Making places that matter.

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Green Furniture Concept

Connecting people to places, making public spaces thrive.

Green Furniture Concepts provide modular seating and lighting solutions for public space interiors, adding placemaking values and delivering a memorable experience with a positive impact for the visitor, the world and everyone in between.

Green Furniture’s products are manufactured in Europe, and can be found in places like Dublin Airport, Topanga Mall (LA) and Stockholm Central Station. They are designed for arge scale interiors and waiting areas like airports, transportation hubs and retail complexes.

Harrows are the exclusive partner for Green Furniture products in New Zealand.

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Making places that thrive.

Green Furniture are working to boost the standard of public space interiors as a whole. Their guiding principles are leading them forward, placing sustainability, design excellence and real human needs at the core. They strive to bring nature indoors, connect people to places, and individuals with each other.

It’s time to make a world-positive impact by empowering individuals and revitalising the communities they serve. Can indoor spaces create deeper sensory experiences of nature, and make people feel like they belong?

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