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Now stocking Arper - A global design brand that envisions products for the ways we live. Family owned and independently run, guided by strong values.

Arper ARCOS Set


Designing the world we live in.

Harrows is stocking a curated selection of Arper’s iconic chairs, complementing our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and sophistication to our clientele.

Arper believes that spaces shape ideas. Aspiring to a beautiful world. Arper creates furnishings that support harmonious, comfortable living in its many forms, that inspire and grow with us over time. Creating spaces and solutions to move forward with intelligence and ease. Together we design the world we want to live in, with openness and humanity.

With access to Arper’s entire collection, Harrows is able to elevate the landscape of social spaces throughout New Zealand.

A beautiful, vital world.

Arper interprets its products from the standpoint of the end user, with essential, inclusive and versatile design problem solving, having the objective of creating solutions while having values like responsibility towards people and the planet, and an openness to new perspectives and diversities. Furniture designed to meet the needs of a constantly evolving world, flexible and cross-cutting solutions for moments of work, meeting, waiting, and relaxation.

There are two pillars of the Arper brand: The Project of Living and Sustainability.

‘The project of living’ is an idea, a design vision aimed at creating spaces that adapt to a rapidly evolving society, with its increasing need to get beyond rigid definitions and habits. A fluid, intergenerational society in a state of continuous change. The ‘project of living’ concept focuses on furnishings that stem from people’s needs, in order to answer a fundamental question: “how do we want to live?”

How do we want to live now? More responsibly. More expressively. More connected. The world is in constant change, and the solution we might need today might not be what we need tomorrow. To respond and adapt, Arper creates the strategies for a world in flux — shaping spaces and solutions, forwarding sustainable practices, pursuing new product innovations, and cultivating culture and ideas with thoughtful, life-centered design. Thinking holistically: strategies instead of products, spaces instead of collections, the planet instead of human interest alone. Together, we design the world we want to live in. This is what makes the Project of Living.

In 2005 Arper established their Environmental Department. Since then, they have focused on attaining the industry’s top certifications, continually measuring their impact and sharing their successes and challenges along the way. Every insight learnt, is applied directly to their designs, always searching for better ways to reduce impact. Aper’s approach to responsibility has its foundation on three pillars, improving the quality of life and wellbeing of people, starting the transition to a circular economy, and reducing their environmental impact.


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