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Airports + Transport Hubs

Considering an upgrade or looking for new furniture for your airport or transport hub? These are the spaces where travelers connect with the world, making memories along the way.

Creating spaces that put travelers at ease and improve dwell time.

Thoughtful design and well-placed wayfinding can transform a bustling airport into a place of comfort and calm, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Modern transport hubs need to meet the diverse needs of today’s travelers. This means providing environments that offer moments of peace and facilitate positive travel experiences, from seating areas to information centers.

Taupo Airport Shelter Architect
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Taupo Airport Shelter Architect
keith chan rTvjBfQoWk unsplash

Maximising space and connection.

Smart design for seamless wayfinding. Our approach to airport furniture design incorporates wayfinding to optimize floor space and improve traveler navigation.

By integrating biophilic elements and flexible layouts, we create engaging, natural, and efficient spaces that enhance the overall travel experience.

Taupo Airport Shelter Architect

Create relaxing retreats amidst the bustle.

At Harrows, we understand that a calm, welcoming environment can transform a travel experience.

Our furniture is designed to create peaceful retreats within busy transport hubs, increasing traveler comfort and dwell time, ultimately enhancing their journey and boosting retail opportunities.

Taupo Airport Shelter Architect
Taupo Airport Shelter Architect

Make every moment count.

By working together, we can create spaces for meaningful connections that enhance traveler experiences and promote a positive travel culture. Let’s collaborate to design transport hubs where every interaction drives towards a better journey and memorable experiences.

Building memorable experiences while navigating operational constraints.

It’s our understanding on the environment and our ability to flex to meet these requirements that makes the most difference to you. From Avsec requirements, understanding wear points, durability through to the ins of outs of performing installations or maintenance in this strict environment.

At Harrows, we design and manufacture furniture for airports and transport hubs with these specifics in mind. We understand that it’s about engaging the user, increasing their dwell time and in turn their retail spend.

Our airport furniture products have been designed with wayfinding in mind, to maximise the use of floorspace in flexible ways. Also taking into account the importance and impact of biophilia, being able to bring in organic shapes and natural materials.


Taupo Airport Shelter Architect
Taupo Airport Shelter Architect

Break away from the norm.

By understanding and addressing challenges together, we unlock the potential to create memorable travel experiences, with increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

Browse airport and transport hub furniture

Harrows’ furniture is crafted for high-use environments like airports and transport hubs. Browse our collections of solid timber tables and leaners, to allow for durability while introducing natural materials. Our ranges of airport seating offer the ability to incorporate curves and natural shapes, while maximising floor space and comfort.

Create calm and comfortable breakout spaces, along with vibrant food courts within the airport terminals with out vast collection of chairs and stools, pedestal and occasional tables.

Our furniture can be stained with a wide variety of finishes and upholstered in many different fabrics, allowing vast possibilities and reflecting your brand identity. Every piece is designed or finished here in New Zealand by family-owned third-generation furniture makers.

Taupo Airport Shelter Architect
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