Novotel Hamilton Hotel Lobby
Novotel Hamilton Hotel Lobby


Looking for accommodation and hotel furniture? Make every detail memorable and reduce the stress of travel with thoughtful designs to instantly welcome and ease.

Create a sense of comfort and connection, even when far from home.

Work or leisure, international, staycation or study – we are all seeking moments of peace while travelling. Creating memorable first impressions, the ability to relieve someone at the end of a long day of travel, or excite them at the beginning of a new adventure. Create a welcoming experience from the first moments.

The Harrows approach can be used across a range of spaces within hotels and accommodations to enhance aspects of brand, belonging and quality.

Our social space furniture lends itself to lobby fitouts, with a range lounge chairs, armchairs and sofas as well as occasional tables, coffee tables and laptop tables. Make waiting a memorable experience. Moving across to the bar and dining room, for an extensive selection of stools and leaners, tables and dining chairs. And don’t forget the meeting and conference facilities.

Enhance your guest experience through all of these spaces by promoting interaction and togetherness through furniture that is crafted for connection.

Novotel Hamilton
Naumi Hotel Queenstown
Hotel Lobby
Novotel Hamilton
A sanctuary of warmth and welcome.

A well-designed interior can create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, enhance brand identity, and promote repeat business and customer loyalty.

Capture customers for ever with lobby spaces that instantly define your level of service and customer experience. Thoughtfully crafted social spaces not only make a lasting impression but also encourage guests to return time and again.

Naumi Hotel Queenstown
Curating a bespoke experience or looking for consistency across locations?

Maintaining a consistent look and feel across different locations can be a significant challenge. On the other hand, creating a distinct ambiance with a unique flavor can be difficult in a relatively small marketplace.

Ensuring high standards while balancing individuality and brand identity requires thoughtful planning and design. It’s in this niche area that the Harrows model delivers for the accommodation sector – providing access to world-class designer furniture, manufactured in New Zealand to your finish and specification.

Hotel Lobby
You only get one first impression.

Studies show that guests form lasting impressions within the first few minutes of arrival, making the initial experience paramount in shaping their perception of the entire stay.

Investing in a welcoming atmosphere and attentive service from the moment guests walk through the door not only sets the tone for their visit but also significantly influences their overall satisfaction and likelihood of returning.

Catifa trestle hotel
Catifa trestle hotel
Set the bar. Satisfy every guest.

Together, we can create environments that cater to diverse guest needs, ensuring every traveler feels at home, from business professionals and families to students and solo adventurers. Whether it's a high-end boutique hotel, a multi-residential complex, or vibrant student accommodation, our versatile pieces will help you stay competitive in the market, leaving a lasting impression on all who visit and encouraging repeat business.

Elevate, enhance and delight across a range of spaces.

Discover our curated collection of accommodation furniture, designed with care to elevate guest experiences and enhance the allure of your venue.

At Harrows, we believe in infusing personality, authenticity, and vibrancy into the connection spaces within your venue using our range of seating, tables, occasional, and more.


Enriching experiences

Transform your hotel into a beacon of hospitality excellence by prioritizing guest experience. Industry reports and customer satisfaction surveys consistently highlight the pivotal role guest satisfaction plays in hotel success.

Positive guest experiences not only lead to higher ratings but also drive increased repeat business and valuable word-of-mouth referrals. We are committed to helping you create memorable stays that exceed expectations. Discover how our personalized service and attention to detail can elevate your guests’ experiences and set your hotel apart in today’s competitive market.

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Enhance accommodation environments with Harrows. Unlock the potential of your spaces with our range of New Zealand-made furnishings tailored to elevate comfort and functionality in hotels, multi-residential properties, and student accommodations.

From fostering concentration and creativity in hotel workspaces to promoting collaboration and engagement in communal areas, our versatile furniture solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of your guests and residents.

Utilize zoning and partitioning furniture to optimize open office spaces, create temporary distinct areas, and enhance privacy. Explore our range of lobby and lounge furniture, including modular soft seating, New Zealand made lounge chairs and suits and coffee and occasional tables, offering flexible and inviting spaces for collaboration and socialization.

Committed to sustainability, our furnishings are crafted with tomorrow in mind, with a range of environmental and sustainability certifications, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and environmental responsibility. Discover how Harrows can transform your accommodation spaces into inviting and sustainable havens for guests and residents alike.

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