Making the most of outdoor dining areas

Key points to consider when planning outdoor dining and seating.

How can I make the most of my outdoor dining space? With brunching considered a hobby and practically a sport, outdoor café seating and alfresco restaurant dining is hotter than ever – how does yours measure up?

We’ve put together some key points to consider when planning outdoor dining and seating.

  • Visual Appeal – A street frontage outdoor dining area is your best chance to captivate and entice passers by. If you have pavement and front end outdoor dining, does it reflect your brand and your story? Or if it’s out the back, are you blessed with natural landscapes to showcase, or do you need to create an area with interest and appeal? Always consider what the attraction is for each of your customers when laying out dining zones.
  • Atmosphere and Comfort – Outdoor dining zones still need to address the key points of diner comfort – things like temperature, acoustics, ambience. Find a way to create intimate areas and group zones within your outdoor setup to keep everyone happy. Is there enough shade, and can it be shifted to accommodate breakfast, lunch or dinner services?
  • Practicality – Consider how much time your staff spend setting up and packing down your outdoor dining – are there efficiencies to be made? Furniture needs to be durable and heavy enough to withstand weather and guests. Castor wheels are a great option to roll heavy tables and leaners in and out easily. Or do you have the ability to install your furniture permanently? Built in outdoor booth seating is a real winner if you have the capacity for it, with removable squabs for easy pack up at the end of the day. A great way to bring warmth, softness and comfort into these outdoor areas.

Check out our recent installation at The Merchant Bar & Kitchen for a great example of outdoor booth seating and dining.

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