The Business of Hospitality

We're in the business of hospitality, but what does that mean? Hospitality is defined as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, and so as suppliers to hospitality interiors, it’s our job to make it easy for designers to create spaces that do just that. We must challenge ourselves to leave those we interact with better off through our engagement.

At Harrows we are about more than furniture. We believe hospitality is less about restaurants and food, and more about how you treat people, and how you can make people feel. Whether that be in a café, restaurant, public space or work environment, the choices of layout, colours, lighting and furniture can affect how guests feel, view and interact with their surroundings.

This is why interior designers and architects play such a critical role in crafting these spaces. Hospitality as an industry is exciting! And as a concept it is enriching. It’s defined as the opportunity to welcome, engage with and entertain guests and strangers, and to leave people better off for having experienced your hospitality.

And so we have this idea that we are all in the business of hospitality. We must challenge ourselves to leave those we interact with better off through our engagement.

For Harrows, were in the business of hospitality and you are our guest – offering service, collaboration, advice, a smile, friendly and welcoming – we want you to feel entertained. On a broader level, we are part of a bigger cog in society that designers bear great responsibility for, creating spaces for hospitality, spaces that leave people feeling or being better for having experienced them.

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