Is your venue Instagram worthy?

Make the most of all your instagrammin' opportunities
Social media is one of the easiest ways to influence and connect with your customers and build your brand identity, but are you making the most of all your instagrammin' opportunities and social shares?With approximately 30% of diners using social media for their decision making when dining out, and over 60% of millennials photographing their food before eating, it’s a great opportunity to get in a plug for your own business.Think creatively, like name dropping with a logo branding or laser etched into your table tops – like they did at the ever popular Khao-San Road Bar in Christchurch.Or select iconic and easily recognisable table furnishings. These images of unique and breath-taking cutlery and glassware are instantly recognisable as Feriza’s Kitchen, Gozleme & Bar located in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter.

Think about what your patrons are photographing and how you can make it personal. Branding frosted onto glassware, and imprinted on plates or platters. Spot the Merchant Bar logo etched here on this serving platter.

Make it interactive – photo contests are a great way to get more exposure. Encourage your diners to check in, post photos and offer a voucher for the best photo of the week.


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