Ascent Series

Functional design powered by sustainability

Taupo Airport Shelter Architect

Ascent is a playful beam seating system designed for large scale interiors and waiting areas. The straight convex and concave shapes can be used to create seamless seating to fit the structure of any room. The design of the slats allow the modules to blend together, creating a curve of seats that leaves you unable to tell where each module starts and ends.

The design of the bench shapes a seamless seating line for natural flow control, while the body-conscious contours ensure comfort. The small footprint makes efficient use of the space. And the configurability also goes into colors and accessories – every project can be unique.

Ascent creates 30-40% more space than conventional seating systems. The modular concept offers the possibility to reconfigure and adapt quickly when new demands are needed in the ever-evolving public spaces.


  • Ascent Series Red Dot Award (PDF)
  • Made from
    Oak or Ash Wood veneer with a beech core
    Powder coated steel with recycled plastic feet
    Natural Hardwax Oil
    Modular components include:
    Double bench
    Double seat with back
    Double rise
    Seat with back
    Indoor use
    5 year commercial warranty
    Lead Time
    Information on application - 16+ weeks available for project enquiries.
    Green Furniture Logo on background
    Ascent Beam Seater Airport Bench Gate Seating  scaled
    Green Furniture Logo on background

    Green Furniture Concept

    Green Furniture Concept makes sustainable seating and lighting for public interiors. They specialise in making places, carefully tailored to meet clients’ needs and solve their challenges.

    Green Furniture’s products are manufactured in Europe, and can be found in places like Dublin Airport, Topanga Mall (LA) and Stockholm Central Station.

    Harrows are the exclusive partner for Green Furniture products in New Zealand.

    Ascent Beam Seater Airport Bench Gate Seating  scaled

    Material choices for a circular design

    We wanted to ensure that the material values of Ascent were considered in every step of its life cycle. By using finite materials such as aluminum and steel with a substantial grade of post-consumer recycled content.

    The wood comes exclusively from certified sources, and they make sure that each part can be separated for maintenance, refurbishment, and in the end, material recycling.


    SS Ascent Seating sitewide
    Ascent Series
    Functional design powered by sustainability
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