Flour Mill.

An old flour mill factory converted into a warm neighbourhood cafe

Epsom’s new cafe, Flour Mill, is a cosy and inviting space boasting a sun-kissed outdoor courtyard. Inside, work by CTRL Space and Fitout Collaborative has given the rustic cafe a modern, idyllic feel, where the neutral palette of light timbers, soft grey and pastel pink contrasts perfectly with the rough brick wall, untouched from its factory days.

The cafe is small, seating 25, with bench seating running along its walls. Stunning Tivoli Chairs are paired with compact Poise Cafe Tables, with outdoor stools providing a pop of colour. The warm ambience along with the exquisite food and coffee is everything you’d want in a neighbourhood cafe.

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  • Let's Make It. Beautiful
  • Clean, light timbers open up a small space
  • Rustic textures casting character on the otherwise-modern decor
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