IPPIN Ramen & Bowl.

Staying true to a brand style inside a fast-paced foodcourt

IPPIN Ramen & Bowl is one of the 100+ shopping, entertainment and dining outlets to join Tauranga’s newest shopping center, The Crossing. Australian design firm Design Poets were enlisted to help create a functional yet attractive space, with Harrows also communicating directly with the end client.

The first order of business inside a food court is to maximise the space. Ramen & Bowl had a small footprint, which meant the furniture plays a huge part in its functionality. The Astro Stool and Da Vinci Chair both create different zones, offering either interaction or isolation, targeting a wider range of customers. Furniture pieces embraced minimalism and subtle elegance, paying respect to Japanese design.

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  • Smooth, easy-to-clean timber surfaces
  • Crisp black finishes keep the space classy and sophisticated
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