Permit Room.

Collaborating with designer and client to “deliver our dream project”

Permit Room is situated in a beautifully restored 1920 heritage building, and its owners wanted to build a classical, sophisticated space that paid homage to its location. The restaurant concept is built on a story in east-Indian 1940’s prohibition, and strives to recreate “where late night congregations are conducted away from peeping street lights. A time where intentions are spoken softly”.  

The interior is rich and moody, with the overall goal being quality and luxury. The Harrows Solace Booth seat features in different configurations to create breathtaking private spaces, and adding opulence with leather finishes and deep fluted details. Solid timber Zara Tables were completely customised, with the tops being replaced with HPL marbled surfaces and opulent brass edging.

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  • Let's Make It. Comfortable.
  • Cohesive combination of timeless Hoop Chairs and Stools
  • Creating 'a room within a room' through banquette seating
"Morgan from Harrows was a pleasure to work with and helped to deliver our dream project."
Anup Nathu, Owner/Operator, Permit Room
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