Waikato University.

A vibrant space for students to study, dine and collaborate

Bright, fun and built to encourage collaboration, the Student Union Building, or SUB as it’s affectionately called by students at Waikato University was the work of Designwell. It was designed as an informal social space to cater to a wide range of activities including studying, dining, collaborative group work and larger meetings or events.

The furniture specified for the job plays a huge role injecting vibrancy and life to the space through bold fabric choices and strong timber stain selections. Designwell chose to work with Harrows because of our ability to deliver furniture outside of the standard specification, like custom wall mounted leaners and timber batton partitions that divided the banquette zones.

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  • Let's Make It. Personal
  • Custom built timber leaners and banquette seating
  • Using furniture to divide a space into a variety of zones
"Harrows are world class designers and suppliers of amazing furniture for all things social - be that hospitality, public or workplace their products can be modified and customized to suit every project. Thanks Harrows!"
Alexander Wastney, Director, Designwell
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