Harrows + Wisewool

Replacing synthetics with natural wool.

Why wool? Wool is nature's original super fibre.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing, Harrows are proud to be partnering with Wisewool to phase out the use of synthetic materials in our upholstered products.

We have replaced the traditionally synthetic layers of melty fibre upholstery wrap with Wisewool needle-punched blanketing in a selection of our Harrows Design Collection products. Wisewool needle-punched blanketing is also available on request for any Harrows upholstered product.

Wool doesn’t fake it. It’s a 100% natural protein fibre that’s completely renewable, with sheep producing a new fleece every year. It’s anti-static, naturally stain and odour resistant and has a 30+ UV protection. Moreover, a high nitrogen and water content means wool is flame-retardant, able to self-extinguish when exposed to fire. This malleability and versatility see wool adapt to endless applications and industries.


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Wisewool Needle-Punched Blanketing

The 100% wool, needle-punched blanketing is a resilient sheeting designed and manufactured in Wisewool’s Te Poi factory.

Formed by mechanically interlocking wool fibres into a dense, durable ingredient material, the warm, soft and breathable blanketing serves a variety of uses. From bedding to mattresses, furniture, duvets and furniture upholstery, the tear-resistant material also has a natural resistance to moisture and fire.

Wool's Powerful Attributes

It’s a 100% natural protein fibre that’s completely renewable, with sheep producing a new fleece every year.  Its inherent compressional resilience, as validated by SATRA’s testing against synthetic substitutes, ensures longevity and durability.

Additionally, strong wool provides natural insulation, moisture-wicking properties, and inherent fire resistance.

“Wool is a miracle fibre. The benefits of using  strong wool within furniture upholstery makes so much sense. Reducing synthetic usage, adding comfort and supporting NZ farmers!

It’s refreshing to be working with the team at Harrows bringing about the renaissance of strong wool.”

Harry Urquhart-Hay, Wisewool

People Harry
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