Why choose a stackable chair?

Meet our newest chair - Grado, and it stacks! We take a look at how stackable chairs make life easier.

Our latest Italian designed and stackable chair, the Grado joined us recently, so we thought it’s a good time to take a look at the benefits of stacking. Stacking chairs may have gotten a bad wrap in days gone by, historically prioritising practicality over comfort or style…. but not any more.

Designs like the Grado are changing the stacking chair landscape, offering added flexibility, the ability to adjust to different scenarios on a whim, and to maximise both your available floor and storage space – all while still exuding style, charm and personality.

A stackable chair’s main advantage is that it gives you the ability to adapt to different situations. If you are constantly entertaining various amounts of customers and need a flexible environment, having stackable chairs will help you make the most of the space you have while requiring minimum storage space when not in use. If you have spaces that regularly transform from meeting room to mingle room, or the need to squeeze in extra customers for large group restaurant bookings on a whim.

The Grado Chair takes on multiple personas thanks to its versatile design. With the option to add stain, paint and upholstery of any choice, this new chair is a design chameleon with endless finish combinations. The Grado Chair is designed in Italy by Mikko Laakkonen and made of solid timber, the Grado is crafted with user comfort in mind. Boasting generous dimensions, you can maximise usability by adding an upholstered seat pad.

Other stackable chair options include:

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Stecca Chair + Armchair

Villa Chair + Armchair


Air Chair

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Outo Chair

Grado Chair



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