Conference Room Design: How to Wow your Clients

Every small business waits for its big break so once you find those prospective clients which are a potential game-changer for your business, you better be completely prepared. Besides a stellar idea and a great presenting strategy, you would need an ambient to match your offer which means you need to ensure your conference room has a professional but yet comfortable air to it. So, here are a few suggestions to help you impress your clients.
Choose the right room

First things first – the size. No matter the size of your business, you probably won’t need a big conference room simply because meetings attended by a larger number of people can be unproductive. For the sake of saving time and being efficient, which is important to clients as well, it is always best to have a selected number of people attending client meetings.

Next thing – location. A glass room next to a lobby where people are constantly walking by is a terrible choice, so if you have another option, try finding a more peaceful room or you might have to soundproof it. Also, the most breath-taking of designs will pale in sight of a view to some building in a derelict state so try to incorporate that in your decision-making process since your clients might subconsciously connect the uncouth neighborhood with your business.

Set the atmosphere with lighting

Natural lighting will always have precedence over artificial but the question of lighting is not that simple when it comes to conference rooms. Your clients will be impressed if the first sight they see is the conference room bathing in sunlight, although they might change their minds once they discover they can’t see their screens from the glare. So, blinds are more than necessary where there is abundant natural light.

As for the artificial lights, you should pay special attention to central lighting because otherwise, you might find your clients becoming drowsy. Also, if the room is large and the ceiling tall, you can consider adding wall washer luminaires to illuminate the walls. Lighting with a control system will give you the opportunity to set the right tone depending on the type of meeting and the time of day.

Let the table dominate the room

The second element the clients should notice when they enter the conference room is the table as a central piece which serves both a practical and an aesthetic purpose. When choosing a conference table, it is essential to take the room size into account because instead of a ‘corporate but cozy’ style, you would give a ‘cramped and trapped’ feeling to it.

For instance, with a timber conference table, you would get two in one: a functional table with useful additions such as flip power and in desk power boxes and a poise furniture piece which brings warmth to a strict conference room atmosphere. It comes in different dimensions and an option to choose the top and leg colors so you can match it to the rest of the room design.

Enchant them with a snug rug

Once they have absorbed the lighting arrangement and the striking central piece that is the table, it is time to sweep them off their feet with a captivating rug. Although you might be reluctant to do so because you worry that it might be complicated to keep it clean and presentable, by purchasing a quality rug, you ensure that you can easily achieve that with a vacuum cleaner and occasional deep cleaning, just to refresh it.

Modern online stores even have tools which allow you to add a rug from the website to the picture of the place so you would know exactly how it would fit into your conference room interior. Imagine your clients’ positive surprise at a multicolor Miss Amara tribal rug and the way it complements the table and gives life to the room. They will also feel more comfortable in such an environment and would be more collaborative.

Round off with technology

While staff brainstorming sessions sometimes don’t need more than a whiteboard, a marker, and their notepads, a meeting with clients might require more if you wish to leave a good impression. For instance, a solid Wi-Fi signal is a must because you want your clients to be able to see the content you prepared for them in different formats without any interruptions. Alternatively, some board room tables have the option of seamlessly integrating power and data.

An interactive whiteboard can be a good addition to your conference room, especially during the first meeting with your clients, so you can involve them as well and learn more about their needs. Alternatively, you might find a display screen mounted eye-level when standing to be a better fit for your conference room so that any presentations you show can be seen without having to sit in uncomfortable neck-wringing positions.

The core of your business are your products but you would need more than just an idea to have your clients sign the dotted line. You naturally need to take care of the idea’s presentation but space matters greatly as well since noise, uncomfortable chairs, and poor-quality equipment can be off-putting. So, think of your conference room as an essential element to your client-winning strategy and dedicate some time and thought to its design to get the perfect combination.

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