Collaborative Furniture.

New Zealand made furniture for breakout and collaborative spaces - reception areas, waiting rooms, meeting spaces, conference rooms and lounges.

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Collaborative Furniture.

Encourage an open, productive, and social working environment with Harrows’ collaborative office furniture. Spark creativity and communication with furniture made for open spaces. Choose from Harrows’ range of in-house manufactured tables to create spaces for everyone to come together, as well as smaller areas that spark deep focus work.

Harrows pioneers a collection of award-winning modular furniture, famous for bringing flexibility to collaborative spaces. Give employees freedom with versatile seating systems that can be reconfigured to create spaces for group projects or individual creative spaces for focused work. We also craft stunning furniture decor, like our Hedgerow acoustic divider, an easy-to-move panel that allows people to work distraction-free, then come back together easily.

Alongside contemporary modular furniture, explore Harrows’ range of timeless tables and chairs, suitable for beautiful reception areas, meeting spaces, waiting rooms, and showrooms. Harrows stocks high stools in a range of beautiful designs, as well as bar leaners that encourage visitors to stop and chat. Our team also craft huge timber tables that are over 3 metres long, perfect for whole team participation.

Our selection of sustainably-sourced materials can suit even the most unique collaborative working environments. Harrows’ talented team can stain timber tables and chairs in any colour, upholster with a huge range of fabrics, and even add custom features, like power integration and USB ports. We’re here to meet all the functionality and design needs of your breakout, waiting, and meeting spaces.

Make the search for your collaborative workspace furniture easier. Contact us today and let us help you  bring your vision to life.

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