How much does a table base cost?

The pedestal table base is an essential item for most hospitality and commercial fit outs. But just how much does a base cost?

Most table bases in the hospitality and commercial industry come from Asian suppliers, as they are the most cost-effective producers. These bases are likely to be very simply made, putting functionality over anything ornate or statement.

You can get a fully assembled and fitted metal base in New Zealand for around $150. The cost can climb from this point if the table base is sourced from a well-known Italian brand such as Pedrali, as you generally pay more for a good design. This is not to say that Chinese-made bases aren’t well designed, however. Generally speaking, the base that fits the $140 price point is inconspicuous and simple in design, and therefore a more cost effective option for your hospitality or office furniture fitout.

If the base is made from stainless steel it is usually a lot more expensive regardless of its origin. Outdoor bases are predominately either aluminum or stainless steel, and aluminum tends to be the more cost-effective option. You will be able to find an aluminum base for around $200 in New Zealand, whereas stainless steel bases will be around $250 per base, so this is something to take into consideration when designing your restaurant/café to help manage costs.

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