7 benefits of collaborative furniture

The traditional office space has changed. The modern work environment is no longer defined by cramped offices and cubicles.

Once thought to remove distractions and improve employee focus, working in a solitary office space can actually make workers feel alienated and less efficient. Instead, you need a flexible work environment that benefits teams and inspires company collaboration.

So, what is a collaborative workspace?

Many businesses are transitioning from working in confined cubicles and stuffy boardrooms to collaborative workspaces that inspire creativity and camaraderie. By using zones and multi-functional furniture, a collaborative workspace allows workers to come together in pursuit of a common goal. Open spaces encourage open minds.

Collaborative furniture is practical for productivity purposes and is one of today’s top business design trends.

Benefits of a collaborative workspace

  • Efficient use of space
    Bring unused office corners to life with a fresh approach to your office layout. Maximise flexibility in a tight space with casual and versatile furniture. Modular furniture can be reconfigured to suit different meeting requirements or to create functional zones for collaborative work.
  • Welcoming atmosphere
    Break down corporate formality, encourage worker interaction and create an inviting space to meet clients. Enhance foyers and reception areas with multi-purpose furniture, creating areas to meet and greet in a more casual and authentic way.
  • Functional
    A collaborative space should be both comfortable and functional. Make your workspace fit for purpose with softened acoustics and private meeting nooks. By creating focal points for meeting or eating and distinct areas designed for work or socialising, collaborative furniture allows team members to create their ideal workspace as needed.
  • Customisable
    With collaborative spaces you can design and organise your office furniture to suit your business requirements. An agile, multi-purpose space caters to a variety of users and gives you the opportunity to integrate your business identity and brand colours. Incorporate textures and bold colours or create zones with different heights for varied interaction.
  • Teamwork andcollaboration
    Collaborative workspaces encourage employees to work together with more freedom and space than traditional offices. By removing barriers, you can increase communication and cooperation between workers. Open, casual spaces encourage teamwork and communication – enhancing company culture with happier, healthier staff.
  • Improved engagement
    With a modern, collaborative office environment you can build a feeling of connectivity and authenticity. Taking employees out of individual office spaces encourages more interaction and makes them feel part of a team, improving focus and engagement.
  • Productivity and efficiency
    Research shows that productivity plummets when employees spend too much time at a desk. By creating spaces where workers can take a break and clear their heads, your workplace will naturally become more efficient. Plus, with open working spaces and modular furniture to empower creative problem solving and team collaboration, employees can work more effectively.

Our collaborative workspace furniture

Our breakout furniture range is ideal for any office seeking an alternative to traditional desks and seating zones. Create a versatile area for casual meetings or welcoming clients with our Pause Seating System, a modular system designed for maximum visual impact and functionality. Including lounges, ottomans and privacy screens, the system is created from stand-alone pieces so you can reconfigure your space to suit your requirements.

Use our tables and leaners to make meeting zones of varying heights, perfect for informal group discussions. Banquette seating and occasional tables can be used as quieter spaces for individual work. Use convenient privacy screens and banquette seating to divide a room and create discreet meeting nooks with subtle acoustic softening.

Whether you need soft upholstery or natural timber furniture, our pieces will enhance both your workplace style and productivity.

Explore our range of beautiful collaborative furniture.
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