Harrows designs and manufactures a complete banquette solution - A system that delivers a finished banquette with the loose furniture.

Banquette & Booth Seating

Harrows are the best in the business when it comes to booth and banquette seating.

As a leading furniture manufacturer in NZ, we specialise in custom made booth seating for restaurants, cafes and bars. We also produce and install banquette seating for commercial spaces, like office cafeterias, commercial lounge spaces, reception and waiting areas and co-working office spaces.

Harrows have a range of specifically designed banquette profiles to choose from, and you can customise these booth designs with your own sizes, fabrics and finishes. Our upholstery experts can finish your booth seating in an endless range of styles, from deep buttoning or impression buttoning, through to piping, colour blocking and fluting. Our unique collections are able to be tailored or custom made to suit your needs.

All our banquettes are made to order, so will be fitted exactly to the space your are fitting out. They are manufactured in our factory and shipped and installed onsite as part of a simplified process that Harrows manage. You can learn more about our banquette system reading about the Harrows Banquette Revolution. 

Booths and banquette seats have many benefits in both hospitality and commercial spaces. They add comfort and warmth to a space, including a level of acoustic insulation but adding a soft surface. Privacy is another benefit of booth seating, easily creating zones and partitions, reducing disturbances and creating intimate atmosphere within a larger space.

A banquette is a word used to describe the type of seating, and a booth describes the space it creates. A booth is typically defined as forming an alcove, often two pieces of banquette face to face, or banquettes arranged in a U-shape, horseshoe shape or banquettes mounted around a corner.

Banquettes and booths can be freestanding or positioned against or built into a wall. These arrangements are ideal for collaborative spaces such as restaurants, cafés, hotels, shopping centres, food courts, and libraries as well as seating for commercial office spaces and waiting rooms.

Our Custom Booth and Banquette options allow you to add your own personal touch. From free-standing or inbuilt options to the wide variety of finishes and custom specifications, we will help you create your own theme that is perfectly suited to your size and space.

For more information on the benefits of banquette seating see here.

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