Array Meet

Retreat without disconnection.

Harrows Wellington Showroom

An innovative face to face meeting pod with as much privacy as you need. This unique railway carriage booth seat offers a range of size options and customizable features, including the choice of an enclosed top and back wall. Select from a 2-person, 4-person or 6-person footprint, Array Meet is completely freestanding and fully upholstered.

Open back Array Meet configurations come with power and USB fast charge outlets mounted in the center of the top with fully concealed cabling to prevent charging cables hindering seat access. Closed back options come with wall mounted and USB outlets.



  • Array Collection Product Brochure (PDF)
  • Made from
    Fully upholstered MDF frame
    Upholstered in fabric of choice.
    Top in HPL, LPL or solid
    timber in colour of choice
    Back wall in material of choice
    Open back or closed back
    Open top or closed top - LED lighting in canopy
    Refer to brochure for more details
    1300h open top
    2100h closed top
    2050w x 700/1400/2000d
    open back
    2050w x 800/1500/2100d
    closed back
    Indoor use
    5 year commercial warranty
    Lead Time
    Made to order - 6 to 8 weeks
    New Zealand
    Global GreentagCertTM GreenRate™
    Product Health Declaration™
    Designed by

    Global GreenTag Cert™

    This Harrows design carries GreenRate™ Level C certification and PlatinumHEALTH™ HealthRATE™ certifications under the Global GreenTag International Product Health Declaration™ (GreenTag PHD™) program.

    In the Green Star® NZ program Level C carries 50% of the credit points. The GreenTag PHD is recognised by WELL™ and LEED®. A copy of each GreenRate certificate can be downloaded from product resource section.

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    Array Render Blue Flipped web
    Harrows Wellington Showroom
    Array meet silhouette
    Array Render Blue Flipped web
    Considered for every connection.

    The Array Collection caters to a range of functions to inspire connection. From collaborating and meeting through to relaxing, retreating and socialising.

    Harrows Wellington Showroom
    Complete design flexibility

    Flex your creative vision. All sections are designed to seamlessly integrate giving you freedom to combine the standard configurations of Array into your own unique freestanding layout. Array can accommodate an immense range of hard and soft surface finishes.

    Array Meet OpenSeat copy
    Designed for designers.

    We know designers have a lot on their plate, and we like to help where we can. An extensive library of 3D and BIM files are available across our whole collection, free to download.

    Browse our Design Resources library for 3D files for Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and Sketchup, as well as high-resolution product imagery and seamless repeating timber textures.

    Array Meet
    Array Meet
    Retreat without disconnection.
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