Array Collaborate

Amplifying focus, cultivating connection.

Harrows Wellington Showroom

Where focus and connection thrive harmoniously. Designed to foster infinite opportunities for connection, Array liberates you from the limitations and constraints of a fixed fitout. Array is a freestanding seating system that addresses the need for designated focus work areas without creating isolation. In an era where we crave social interaction, Array can deliver a harmonious balance between focus and connection.

Array Collaborate is built around a series of fully upholstered sections with flexibility and adaptability driving its design ethos. Create fitouts without the hassle and expense of permanent fixtures or physical structures. Collaborate, Meet or Present, there is an Array layout to cultivate all types of connection.

  • Array Collection Product Brochure (PDF)
  • Made from
    Fully upholstered MDF frame
    Upholstered in fabric of choice.
    Top in HPL, LPL or solid
    timber in colour of choice
    Rounded corners, curves and straights
    High or low back
    Optional back mounted leaner
    Standard sizes
    1300h and 900h back options
    Length of layouts fully customizable
    Depth of returns and angle of
    returns fully customizable
    Radius and degrees of layout
    fully customizable
    Indoor use
    5 year commercial warranty
    Lead Time
    Made to order - 6 to 8 weeks
    New Zealand
    Global GreentagCertTM GreenRate™
    Product Health Declaration™
    Designed by

    Global GreenTag Cert™

    This Harrows design carries GreenRate™ Level C certification and PlatinumHEALTH™ HealthRATE™ certifications under the Global GreenTag International Product Health Declaration™ (GreenTag PHD™) program.

    In the Green Star® NZ program Level C carries 50% of the credit points. The GreenTag PHD is recognised by WELL™ and LEED®. A copy of each GreenRate certificate can be downloaded from product resource section.

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    Harrows Timaru
    Array Render Blue Flipped web
    Considered for every connection.

    The Array Collection caters to a range of functions to inspire connection. From collaborating and meeting through to relaxing, retreating and socialising.

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    Complete design flexibility

    Flex your creative vision. All sections are designed to seamlessly integrate giving you freedom to combine the standard configurations of Array into your own unique freestanding layout. Array can accommodate an immense range of hard and soft surface finishes.

    Harrows Timaru Factory
    Made right here.

    Array is a socially relevant product with timeless design principles, made from quality materials and built to last. Being 100% NZ-made minimizes international freight, supports local businesses, and ensures transparency in material quality and origin. Array holds GreenRate™ Level C and PlatinumHEALTH™ HealthRATE™ certifications and adopts a conscious approach by recycling fabric and foam offcuts locally.

    With a focus on sustainability, Array minimises waste and extends its lifespan, aligning with a circular economy. By choosing Array, you create a workspace that evolves with your needs while minimising environmental impact, contributing to a sustainable future.

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    Array Collaborate
    Amplifying focus, cultivating connection.
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