Extant Outdoor Stool

Elevate your outdoor dining experience with the Extant family.

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Built to last, the Extant family features tables and leaners with stools and bench seats to match. In keeping with its name, the Extant Outdoor Stool is constructed to survive with a robust welded steel frame that has been zinc coated to withstand outdoor environments.

The slatted sapele hardwood top has a rich tone and grain to compliment the style and atmosphere of your commercial outdoor space. Designed for entertaining, the Extant range is the perfect answer to outdoor furniture, dining and bar areas.

For information on care and maintenance see our Product Care Recommendations.

Made from
Slatted Sapele with zinc coated steel frame
Oiled finish as standard
Dark Oiled available on request
Frame zinc coated and powder coated any standard colour
750h x 290w x 290d
650 x 290w x 290d
450h x 290w x 290d
Outdoor use
5 year commercial warranty
Lead Time
Finished to order - 4 to 6 weeks
New Zealand
Global GreentagCertTM GreenRate™
Product Health Declaration™
Designed by

Global GreenTag Cert™

This Harrows design carries GreenRate™ Level C certification and PlatinumHEALTH™ HealthRATE™ certifications under the Global GreenTag International Product Health Declaration™ (GreenTag PHD™) program.

In the Green Star® NZ program Level C carries 50% of the credit points. The GreenTag PHD is recognised by WELL™ and LEED®. A copy of each GreenRate certificate can be downloaded from product resource section.

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New Sapele vs Aged Sapele
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New Sapele vs Aged Sapele

Sapele Hardwood.

Sapele is a robust West African hardwood timber that is reddish-brown in colour with an interlocked fine grain. Sapele is the ideal hardwood for outdoor furniture construction due to its resistance to decay and moisture.

Designs that are constructed from Sapele timber are finished with an ‘Oiled’ finish as standard, or you can request our ‘Dark Oiled’ finish.

TB Fold Table End to End Detail

Care and Maintenance for Outdoor Furniture.

Outdoor timber is best cleaned with a cloth moistened with water or a mild soapy solution. When scrubbing tougher stains, use water and white vinegar. Scrub in the direction of the grain to prevent noticeable scratching. Bird droppings must be cleaned off as soon as possible, as they can cause permanent stains and corrosion.

Regular oiling with Sikkens Cetol HLSe or a similar outdoor oil will keep them looking pristine.


If you’re not going to make it beautiful, don’t bother.

Don’t compromise on style for function. Discover our stunning selection of outdoor stools, where beauty meets functionality effortlessly.

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Extant Outdoor Stool
Elevate your outdoor dining experience with the Extant family.
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