Office Cafeteria Projects.

Explore Lunchroom projects that bring the life and vibrancy of hospitality into the workplace - designed to impress & improve workplace culture.

Office Cafeteria Projects & Lunchroom Fitouts

At Harrows we focus on furniture the social spaces in our lives. And the workplace lunchroom is one of the social spaces we spend a lot of our time. The right office cafeteria design and lunchroom fitout embodies the company culture and promotes a positive workplace atmosphere.

Cafeteria design, and within that furniture, is vitally important to setting the tone and brand of an organisation. Our gallery of cafeteria projects is a great place to start for inspiration when considering a canteen refurbishment.

Browse our portfolio of different approaches to office cafe furniture and get inspiration for your furniture options. Take a note of how the customised colours and fabrics really help to enhance the space and keep the canteen designs aligned with the company brands and ehtos.

If you’re looking to refurbish, upgrade or put in new office cafe furniture talk to Harrows today.


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