Franchise Fitout Projects.

Harrows are furniture partner of choice for some of New Zealand's leading franchise brands.

Franchise Furniture Fitout Projects.

When it comes to furniture for hospitality franchises around NZ, the fitout needs to be unique, attractive and enticing yet also scalable, easily replicated and cost effective. It is a specific set of criteria that Harrows have mastered.

Whether working with the head franchisor, franchisee or their designers, Harrows has extensive experience collaborating on franchise furniture fitouts for many of New Zealand’s most well known and loved hospitality franchise brands.

Custom profiles and designs can be developed to create a consistent dining furniture experience for the customer. Whether it is furniture for a café franchise or restaurant franchise, Harrows has an extensive range of customisable furniture, plus their own designs or the ability to manufacture something completely new to suit. Consider a distinctive banquette seat profile to create comfort and consistency throughout your franchise fitouts, without needing to break down the design for a different joiner in each region.

Explore our franchise fitout project gallery to see how unique brands and stories are portrayed through furniture, and can be easily and consistently rolled out across multiple locations throughout New Zealand.

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