Benefits of Banquette Seating

Thinking about banquette seating for your next interior fit out?

Banquettes or booth seats are a fabulous option when designing any interior fit out, whether it’s cosy meeting booths for an office, or sprawling wall mounted banquettes for a restaurant. We’ve pulled together the factors that make banquettes the most versatile seating solution for your next fit out.

1. Floor Planning

The made-to-measure approach with banquette seating means its flexible to fit with your floor planning requirements. They allow you to strategically maximise the area available, transform and repurpose difficult and less desirable areas.

Hide or highlight the interior features like walls, alcoves and corners, or create them. Work around structural elements, create zones and divisions easily.

2. Customer Preference

Particularly in hospitality environments, customers love the feeling of privacy and comfort that fixed seating provides. With a much greater emphasis these days on the entire experience of eating out, booths can be a great tool to create more engaging experiences for diners, creating a feeling of intimacy and exclusivity. These principles apply to commercial fit outs also, with booth seating a great way to great private meeting spaces without constructing permanent walls. Its also a great option for fitting out workplace cafeterias with banquettes lengths to add a touch of warmth and comfort to these corporate spaces.

3. Compatible with any Environment

Casual dining, formal dining, reception areas, office cafeterias, workplace meeting nooks – you name it, Harrows has is a banquette or booth profile compatible for each of these environments. Some profiles like the Action, have been designed with a small footprint and cutaway front to create compact, easily accessed face to face meeting or working nooks. Other profiles like the Solace are a more traditional profile that can flex to any space, any configuration, and any height.

Whatever the creative vision and technical design brief, these pre-designed profiles are the perfect starting point to achieve your ideal banquette fitout.

4. Design and Personality

Possibly the biggest and most important factor that banquette seating has over other options is the ability to impart a story and create an atmosphere. Go wild with finish options, fabrics, colours, details and more. Add layers of acoustic and visual softening while also creating practical, useful and beautiful spaces. Banquettes allow you to easily incorporate corporate colours or themed fabrics to make bold statements and add character to your fit out.

Whether you’re looking for space-efficient soft seating for a restaurant or cafe, cosy intimate spaces for a bar, or semi-private breakout seating for a commercial office, we’ve developed a complete banquette solution. A system that delivers a finished banquette with the soft fit out.

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