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A beautiful and multifunctional system for spatial management.

Rethink how you manage the delineation of space with the endless possibilities of Link.

Do you need a spatial divider to manage zones in your project, or are you wanting to create an agile working space without permanent walls? Or is it a beautiful bookcase or display system to bring life and atmosphere to the space?

Link provides a solution to all these situations and with options of shelves, cabinets, planters, acoustic panels, and whiteboards along with customised finishes it lets you create just as you want.

Link is created with sustainability and longevity at its core. The ability to adapt and reconfigure to changes in interior designs and layouts for years to come makes this a truly sustainable design.

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Made from
Solid and Veneer American Ash with steel struts and metal fittings.
Timber stained in 12 standard colours
Acoustic and whiteboard panels in choice of 10 colours
Metal components in black
Standard Heights: 1505, 1900 or 2295
Standard Lengths: 1688, 2488, 3288 or 4088
Depth: 440
Indoor use
10 year commercial warranty
Lead Time
Made to order - 4 to 6 weeks
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Endlessly configurable.

The Link Display System has been developed with three standard post heights, and four standard lengths. The intention is for you to select your desired height and length, and then arrange with cabinets, shelving, or planters.

At any stage, shelving and planters can be swapped and rearranged, even flipping the shelves to face the opposite side, meaning the shelving system can adapt and evolve to a changing workplace well after installation.

This free-standing design is easily installed with minimal onsite disruption and secured to the floor with subtle height adjustable fixings at the foot of each post.

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Made for life.

At Harrows we believe in sustainability and responsible manufacturing.

Latest technology and time honoured craft go hand in hand to create products that bring people together and are designed with longevity in mind, extending the useful life and in turn reducing waste.

Link is exemplary of this ethos. All components are manufactured or sourced in New Zealand, but bigger than this the principal of longevity at its core. The ability to adapt and reconfigure to changes in interior designs and layouts for years to come makes this a truly sustainable design.

Made for life.
Harrows Link Display System

Tray Shelving.

Create functional and beautiful layered shelving with the solid timber shelves. The shelves are designed as a tray with front and side upstands, and can be positioned to face either side, allowing the display system to be accessed universally. These tray shelves are available in modular lengths, either running the length of the unit, or breaking up the configuration easily.

Harrows Link Display System

Optional Cabinet Base.

The bottom two rows can be exchanged for cabinets to add storage. These cabinets can be configured to face one side or the other to allow access from either side.

Harrows Link Display System

Acoustic Panels.

Optional panel mounting pins can be added to posts, allowing movable acoustic panels to be mounted, beautifully and easily creating visual and acoustic barriers. These can be moved from one bay to the next by hand to adapt with the daily use of each space. Acoustic panels are made from 60% recycled polyester and is available in a range of colours.

Harrows Link Display System


Optional whiteboards are also available for the panel mounting pins. They offer the same visual and acoustic benefits of the panels with the added benefit of an easily configurable whiteboard to transform meeting or brainstorming spaces as required.

Harrows Link Display System


Transform your Link Display System in to a stunning biophilic design by swapping out shelf supports with planters. The planter supports have an opening compatible with the most common plant hire pot specifications. Pots can also be included in the system on request.

From complete plant walls to combinations of shelves and plants, the possibilities are endless.

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Take a closer look.

Join us as we explore the Link Display System with you, picking out its key features and discussing how you can configure it any way you want.


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A beautiful and multifunctional system for spatial management.
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