The Banquette Revolution

The complete banquette solution.
A system that delivers a finished banquette with the soft fit out.
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Feeling frustrated?

We've seen first-hand the need for a better way of doing things.
After 12+ years designing and manufacturing banquettes for cafes, restaurants and offices and we're sharing with you our complete solution to take away the frustrations.

Compromising on look and feel?

There’s no reason you can’t have it all – functionality, ergonomics, flexibility and style.

Soaking up design time?

Find yourself spending time and energy designing, detailing and even project managing especially when it’s a split supply situation?
Free yourself to focus on what matters.

process model

A Revolutionised Process.

Prevent potential disconnects and risks associated with split supply - multiple contractors interpreting plans, working to tight project deadlines with multiple moving parts and hoping they come together on install day.

Shifting the banquette seating from the joinery package over the loose furniture and soft fit out removes these headaches, and makes life a lot easier on install day.


Complete Control + Flexibility. How does it work?

It’s a modular system to fit any space, any configuration and any design brief. Instead of a blank canvas, we give you a frame work to start from, add, subtract, chop, change and be inspired.
1. Match your design brief to one of our starting profiles.
2. Flex to meet your needs: material, size, overhang, height etc.
3. Plan it out. Drop 3D files into your plans and submit for quoting.
4. You get back to business while we manufacture your banquette.
5. Watch your finished banquette turn up on install day and be fitted alongside the soft fit out.

Pick your profile
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