Banquettes & Booths

Harrows designs and manufactures the complete banquette solution. A system that delivers a finished banquette with the loose furniture.

Harrows Furniture custom manufacturers booth and banquet seating to meet the exact design and space requirements of your restaurant or café

Stylish and offering an efficient use of floor and wall space, booth and banquet seating is becoming increasingly popular due to the many benefits they offer over standard tables and individual chairs.

Booths are connected, cushioned seats surrounding a table forming an alcove, while banquet seating typically refers to a long, upholstered bench positioned against, or built into, a wall. These arrangements are ideal for collaborative spaces such as restaurants, cafés, hotels, shopping centres, food courts, and libraries, as well as personal dining rooms.

Efficient use of space

Booth and banquet seating reduces aisle requirements and provides greater seating capacity within a smaller area. Flexible design specifications maximise the use of corners and bays, while the less obstructive nature of these arrangements also makes it easier for wait staff and guests to move around.


Booths reduce disturbances and create a relaxed, cosy, and intimate atmosphere. The high backs and presence of a wall acts as a sound barrier to create a quiet, enclosed space, fulfilling our natural desire for safety and security. With one or two access points, booths are also ideal for keeping the little ones contained.


Soft, padded upholstery and high backs offer both comfort and support. The greater seating space and larger tables allow people to spread out and relax. The ability to see and interact with everyone at the table creates a very social setting for groups to enjoy.


Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours, and finishes, booth and banquet seating can be tailored to suit most spaces and styles, from classic retro designs in red vinyl to contemporary curved seating with a grey fabric finish for a professional look.

Harrows offer a wide range of quality booth and banquet seating options expertly designed and crafted in New Zealand. Our unique collections are able to be tailored or custom made to suit your needs.

The modular Opel Booth and Banquet seating comes in free-standing or inbuilt designs, with the option of a raised plinth, flexible dimensions and customised upholstery.

Our Custom Booth and Banquette options allow you to add your own personal touch. From free-standing or inbuilt options to the wide variety of finishes and custom specifications, we will help you create your own theme that is perfectly suited to your size and space.

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