Public Space Furniture.

NZ Made furniture designs for universities, libraries, airports and community hubs.

Public & Communal Space Furniture.

As a furniture designer and manufacturer, Harrows specialises in public space furniture.

We have our own NZ made seating purpose designed airports, universities, council buildings, libraries, hospitals and healthcare facilities. All furniture designs are robust and long lasting, perfect for high traffic commercial use.

We offer full loose furniture options for airports, from sourcing and upholstering airport beam seating right through to soft seating for breakout lounge areas and even fixed booth seats for airport foodcourts.

When furnishing the shared spaces or study spaces in a University, the same principles of high quality and robust furniture applies, but it also needs to foster and promote communication, learning and creativity. Our modular soft seating options are a great activity based furniture option, fully customisable in any colour, fabric and configuration.

The same personalised furniture approach can used not just in airport or university furniture, but in any public space. Harrows has a wide range of contemporary lounge chairs, coffee tables and ottomans perfect for a shared space. Enhance your customer experience, return visits and dwell times with the right furniture to make users feel welcome and comfortable. Use the right furniture to create an inviting, exciting and welcoming atmosphere to any public or communal space.

Choose from our range of communal tables and bench seats to create spaces for people to gather. Soften this with our fit-for-purpose banquette seating or modular soft seat designs.

Elevate your public space with our furniture designs that are fully customisable.


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